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Following any Tom Green County arrests, a publicly available log of the incident is created and then maintained by the office of the Clerk Of Courts. Even cases that a judge grant expungement are available for access using several different methods. Some of the methods for how you can find information related to Tom Green County arrest records will be outlined here.

If you need to locate Tom Green County arrest records or need more information relating to Tom Green County arrests, public court transcripts are easy to find if you know where the right places to start looking are. One of the surest and quickest ways to ensure that you can find what you are looking for with ease is to check the records available with the Clerk Of Courts of Tom Green County.

One of the easiest methods for obtaining logs and data pertaining to arrests made within Tom Green County is to visit the physical location of the filed information in person. Most of these files are kept within the normal course of business for a court, and can be found at the seat of the county courthouse itself or whatever area has been designated for their storage. The Clerk Of Courts will be able to assist you with finding the appropriate location for the information that you seek, and they will also be able to give you instructions on how to access such information.

The Clerk Of Courts at the Tom Green County Courthouse located at 124 W. Beauregard in San Angelo, TX 76903. The Clerk can be reached by phone during normal business hours Monday through Friday by calling 325-659-6553, and faxes can be sent to 325-659-325. To reach the current Clerk Of Courts Elizabeth McGill by email, you can write to her at [email protected]

Any information that is available as public knowledge can be found and obtained by anybody, but there are certain kinds of information that have restrictions on them in terms of who may or may not have access to them. These include juvenile criminal cases, and in some cases death certificates to people who are not interested parties or close relatives of the person who is deceased within a certain amount of time immediately preceding death. However, even cases that have been expunged from an individual’s file may still be located.

There are often government websites that will also provide court information logging a person’s arrest record, but that also include documentation of the findings and conclusions of subsequent court appearances. These government sponsored websites are often run by the state, but may also be the website of a county government as well. Tom Green County has such a website, which will present information to you about whom you can contact regarding your requests for such types of data.

That website can be found at www.co.tom-green.tx.us. Listed on the website is the contact information for the many government departments available, as well as whom should be contacted for specific persons within those departments. In fact there is a quick link on the main page of the County website, which is titled Judicial Records that will quickly and easily direct you in your quest for access of information.

The Tom Green Public Records Search will display information regarding criminal case proceedings, a calender of court events, civil cases, probate cases, and proceedings involving families. There are also links that will direct you to information logged regarding the jail and jail bond information.

The easy to navigate search feature provided by the Tom Green County website allows users to search by case number, defendant name, citation number, or the names of attorneys involved in the case. It is possible to search for the names of individual entities, the names of businesses, or other types of numbers that designate certain types of logs.

Further it is possible to search for every case that is available, or for those that are currently open or concluded, as well as by filing date. There are also several sorting options available via a simple to use drop down menu. Some fields of information such as the court calender also present the option to search by using the names of Judicial Officers involved in a particular case.

Information regarding the jail and the inmates thereof can be found by searching booking number, individual names, or by the date an individual was booked or released. Bond information can also be found by searching the name of a bond company, when bond was posted, and whether the status of a bond is open or closed.

The information is presented by case number followed by the name and date of birth of an individual charged. Other data presented includes the date and place the case was first filed, the type and status of a case, and what the charges leading to the case are. It is also possible to find the number of the statutes alleged to be violated, and in some cases mug shots of certain individuals are available for view online.

All of the information found on the Tom Green County website is free for access, but does not contain transcripts of court proceedings or other such information. There are additional online resources that an interested consumer can utilize to find more information regarding specific information. Some of these websites charge a fee for their services, but they also provide information regarding things that may have been said throughout a court proceeding.

A Texas criminal history can hinder the progress of an individual’s life in many ways. Employment options are more limited for those people who will need to prove and exhibit their reform in order to even be considered for certain jobs. Some job positions are not available at all to those who have criminal histories.

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Antonio With a career in Journalism, I have done some blogging, free lance writing, and worked for the local newspaper. After covering many stories, I am attracted the Justice and the Law system. Through this blog I wish to share any pertinent information to help others understand the laws of Texas.

About the author

With a career in Journalism, I have done some blogging, free lance writing, and worked for the local newspaper. After covering many stories, I am attracted the Justice and the Law system. Through this blog I wish to share any pertinent information to help others understand the laws of Texas.

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